Joint Statement – Paragon Land & Estates and Beach Babies

Paragon Land and Estates Ltd (“Paragon”) and Beach Babies Ltd (“Beach Babies”) are pleased to announce a joint project to plan, construct and run a Day Nursery.

The new Day Nursery, based in Paragon’s business park, Cambridge Innovation Park, Waterbeach, will look after up to 50 children in the 6 months – 5 year age bracket.

The Director of Beach Babies, Tracy Hutchison, already has two other nursery facilities within a few miles of Waterbeach and knows the local area well. She has the view that additional child-care facilities are in high demand, particularly in Waterbeach where so many young families and new businesses are moving to. The original Beach Babies nursery in Landbeach has been rated by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ and has a waiting list of 12-18 months. ‘This will enable us to provide childcare for the many families that we currently have to turn down due to a lack of space’.

Managing Director of Paragon, Rick Parisi, highlighted the huge benefits to Cambridge Innovation Park’s tenants.  “Many working parents will know the inconvenience of having to drive first to the nursery, then to work and then do it all again at the end of the day to collect the child.  Having a day nursery on site will be a massive boon to many of the 500+ workers we expect to have in place.  Parents don’t want their children a long way away from them and this will be the best possible location, they will also appreciate their children and those caring for them being so easily accessible.

This is what we mean when we say that Cambridge Innovation Park helps people have a better working lifestyle.”

The day nursery is expected to complement the other facilities being planned for Cambridge Innovation Park, including café and a gym.  Both of these spaces are reserved, with businesses planning to open late in 2017.

These facilities will help business tenants in their objective of attracting the best staff to work for them.  “Many businesses at the Park, particularly those in the hi-tech arena, have staff for whom work is intensive, with long hours. The proximity of these additional services will help to redress their work / life balance”, added Rick

Outline plans for the new nursery are currently being drawn up by architects.  The building will have a modern yet intimate style, and will echo many design features of both Stirling House and Blenheim House, the existing business centres on the Park.  Beach Babies will play a substantial part in the design of the interior layout.

Tracy is also keen to develop a natural play area behind the building which take full advantage of the parkland and its contours.  She said “Beach Babies has an ethos of not using traditional playground equipment, but instead encourages the children to use the environment to develop their imagination and creativity during their outdoor playing.  The children are encouraged to engage in ‘adventurous play’ appropriate for their age, skill set and physical development, be it campfires, muddy puddles or den building.

Planning permission will be lodged early in the new year.  It expected that construction will commence in late 2018, with a handover date in the first half of 2019.


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